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Apricot Yellow Veneer Cobblestone

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Apricot Yellow Cobblestone
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Apricot Yellow Cobblestone
Travertine Veneer
8x8, 8x16, 16x16, 16x24, or cut to size
Chiseled Edge, and Brushed

Also Available Special Order Sizes and Thicknesses

Veneer Cobblestone:

A thin veneer stone paver used over existing concrete for exterior or interior use.

Travertine is a type of "morphed" limestone, where the lime content has been deposited by water. Travertine is about 50 million years old. Travertine Pavers are ideal for use around the pool and patio areas, for they will stay cool on your feet and are freeze-thaw compatible. Travertine pavers have a non-slip surface finish, for they have a high co-efficient of friction. This means that Travertine Pavers will provide a safe walking and play surface area for the whole family. Travertine pavers can withstand weathering and erosion without deteriorating. It is known that Travertine material improves with age. Colors will not fade over time. Travertine pavers will maintain their natural color for decades. Another great benefit is that Travertine pavers require little to no maintenance or cleaning. They are simply a natural hardwearing stone. Travertine is a versatile, durable and reliable material. If you take Rome as an example, the Coliseum and many other buildings that are 1000's of years old, are still standing today. Travertine pavers are used widely in the landscaping industry. It can create unique arrangements for outdoor flooring, such as balconies, patios, around the pool and walkways. Travertine is ideal for use as stepping-stones in the garden, borders and edging around flowerbeds, pool coping and even for driveways. Travertine is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, for the surface never gets hot; this is due to the lack of metal content in the stone. Travertine is said to be non-slip and twice the strength of concrete.

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