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Cream Mocha Veneer Cobblestone Paver

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cream mocha cobblestone
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Cream Mocha Veneer Cobblestone Paver
8x8, 8x16, 16x16, 16x24 or cut to size.
Chiseled Edge and Brushed

Also Available Special Order Sizes and Thicknesses


Veneer cobblestone is a thin veneer stone paver used over existing concrete for exterior or interior use.

Limestone is one of the hardest sedimentary stones and is formed at the bottom of natural water bodies. Limestone is layers upon layers of hard sediment, containing traces of fossils from shellfish and other marine animals. Limestone pavers are very reliable and long-lasting building materials. It is a quarried stone, so it is always available and can be cut to size and customized to ones special needs. Sealing your Limestone pavers is highly advised. To protect and pro-long the life of your Limestone pavers, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance procedures.

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