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Natural Stone vs. Concrete/Brick Pavers

New Product Real Natural Stone Pavers

  • Although concrete or brick pavers are nice they are not nearly as beautiful.
  • Concrete and brick pavers do not add as much value to the property as real stone.
  • Many concrete and brick manufacturers all have the same type looking products.
  • Most manufacturers/suppliers have their own businesses or showrooms in your backyard and compete against you or have made other exclusive deals with your competitors.
  • And what about those suppliers selling their concrete and brick pavers to the BIG national retail do-it-yourself warehouses. We do not market our stone thru those companies. Period!!
  • Natural stone pavers are an upgrade from concrete or brick and more exclusive and profitable.
  • Todays consumer knows the value of natural stone. This is not a nickel and dime pricing market similar to the man made paver business. Natural stone is much more unique and exclusive.

Selling points of Natural Stone Pavers

  • Our natural stone pavers are available 1 ¼ inch thick for dry (sand set) installations or ½ inch thick for masonry set installations over an existing concrete slab for remodeling projects.
  • Many more sizes and patterns than manmade pavers available with much larger formats 8x8, 8x16, 16x16, 16x24, 12x12, 12x24, 24x24, and we can make custom sizes or thickness.
  • Natural stone pavers are suitable for pedestrian and vehicular* traffic. Natural stone paver products do not have to be as thick as concrete or brick pavers because they are so strong.
  • There are more textures available than man made products. Tumbled, Antiqued, Chiseled, Sandblasted, Flamed, Honed, and Polished. Natural Stone can also be used for interior or vertical applications like dimensional cut stone in polished or honed finishes for floors.
  • The installation cost is much less. Because the install time is much faster than even other natural stones like Bluestone for example. Why? Our natural stone is exact thickness and sizes.
  • There is no resetting (lifting) because all the pavers are the same thickness. There is no cutting the stone because the sizes are all dimensional and modular even when using different sizes in the pattern designs. The installation time is cut in half.
  • The same installation guidelines apply for Natural Stone Pavers as interlocking concrete pavers or brick. Your contractors do not need to be retrained.
  • The bottom-line, what would you rather have for your own home? Natural Stone or concrete!!!!

Why These Natural Stone Pavers

  • Millions of square feet of Natural Stone available for immediate delivery.
  • 32 colors of Natural Stone Pavers. Plus new parts of the quarries are producing new colors.
  • Exclusive product lines and colors.
  • Complete and comprehensive marketing programs. Nationwide trade shows, advertising, catalogs, ect...
  • Sample boards, architectural folders, chip box sets and FREE showroom and yard displays.
  • We're here in the United States for 24 years and have warehousing, machinery, logistics, customer service and technical support.

* Vehicular installation guidelines apply.

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